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The history of the Japanese silver jewelry....

"Higashiyama Culture" prospered in the days of "Muromachi" in Japan from the latter period in the 16th century.

Popularity of the silver decoration became higher in culture to attach great importance to "WABI / SABI", and the rich people used the product which they decorated to various silver to accessories and a tableware armor and a helmet habitually.

The silver of the Japanese product is estimated to be about 38t a year in the first half in the 17th century and comes to occupy about a one-third of the world production silver.

The Spaniard seems to have called Japan silver Islands in those days when based on the letter which Francisco XavierSaint sent to the own country.

In the Edo era, the silverwork came to be used habitually to the common people.

A lot of works as the accessories of the wallet were impossible of production in the current technology were created.

The Japanese is called a race skillful with its hands originally.

The Japanese craftsman understood the best technology.

Please have the best silver jewelry by the best craftsman in its hand.

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