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Shipping / Returns

(1) Shop Data
Company Sies Co., Ltd.
Person in charge Satoshi Niimi
Address 1-302-205 , Fukuike , Tenpaku-ku , Nagoya-shi , Aichi , 468-0049 Japan
(2) Commodity arrival
1.Order mail
Please input the order form (name, address, telephone number, product number, quantity and payment method etc) and click the transmission button.

2.Confirmation of order
Please check your order with the confirmation Email which will be sent from us automatically.

3.Commodity sending out
Having received the order, the commodities will be delivered to you in about 3days if there were stocks in our shop.
If there are no stocks in our shop, it will take about 1 week for back-order.
Please note, in the case that the item was stock out in the manufacturer, shipment will be done as soon as the arrival of the goods.
The commodity is sent by the international speed mail "EMS". I will deliver it in about 3-7 day on the shipment day.

You can only use PayPal.
(3) Returns
Cancellations and returnings after the completion of the order are not accepted.
Please order after the enough confirmation.

(4) Shipping
About the delivery.

All commodities will be sent out from Japan by Express Mail Service"EMS".
The carriage besides the commodity price is asked for about the delivery.
About the carriage (Japanese yen)

1,400yen per a unit of purchase ordered less than 30,000yen
Free of charge for a unit of purchase ordered 30,000yen or more

Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle East and Europe)
2,200 yen per a unit of purchase ordered less than 30,000 yen
Free of charge for unit of purchase ordered 30,000 yen or more

South America and Africa)
2,400 yen per a unit of purchase ordered less than 30,000 yen
Free of charge for unit of purchase ordered 30,000 yen or more

(5) Others
This agreement is changed without a notice.
The agreement shall be applied after changed it.
The image of the publication is different from the real thing in a hue in circumstances of the photography.

The article changes a price and specifications without a notice.

When an article is sold out, please understand that the order for the article will do cancellation.

There is the case that I cancel an order with the cases that there was a mistake to a price sticking to the article and will do.